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Securing business financing can be a tricky and intimidating task, especially for smaller business owners who lack knowledge of the different financing options. Our expertise in assisting companies to get financing is based on our background as a former executive at a lender, a partner in a business financing platform and a former small business proprietor.

Our team offers their skills to assist you in getting funding with no hassle.

These are the loan services we can provide

We provide three packages designed to meet your specific requirements.

Basic Package

This Basic package will include a comprehensive report discussing the pros and details of the most popular business funding choices. This will help you understand the different financing options and choose the one that's right for your business.

standard package

In our standard package, we have an assessment of your commercial credit score and the best funding ideas for your pocketbook. We'll look at your credit score, credit history, and other financial information to determine the best financing options for your business needs.

Premium package

If you choose the Premium package, I can tailor my recommendations to your business after I look at your financials. Examining your financial records, tax forms, and any other related financial data is essential. This package guarantees our proposals are made to fit your business needs.

We suggest you choose safe financing from one of our suggested partners. It is essential to know that financing depends on the approval of the lender. Reach out to us to discover more.

Our services give you access to a US-based expert who can help you through securing financing. We are determined to give you individualized and successful advice that will help your company grow. If you have any doubts about our services before placing an order, contact us.

Business Loans Category

For all loans except SBA loans

Business Line of Credit

Equipment Financing

SBA Loans

AR Financing

Aging AR report required

*Asset Based Loans, Merchant Cash Advance Loans, Small Business Loans, Franchise Financing No Minimum FICO| Bad credit? No problem! | Most of our top financing options have no minimum FICO. can get you in and out of Underwriting in as little as 2 - 7 days!

What do you need to qualify?

3+ months in business

Flip N Fix Loans

You can qualify for our top financing options as a startup. No Minimum Monthly Sales No minimum revenue needed to qualify for startup financing options. 650 + FICO There is a minimum 650+ FICO score required to apply for startup financing.