Coach Carol B is a Growth Mindet, Entrepreneur and Ownership Mindset Coach with a Proven Track Record of Success.

Specializing in helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals by finding their superpower!

About Us

Coach Carol B offers coaching services to individuals and businesses. Specializing individuals find their superpowers in order to achieve their goals. Helping business grow by helping then to work smarter not hard, save money and make more money so they can achieve their goals. Contact the coach today!


benefit 1

As an Individual: Gives You Clarity About Your Dreams. As a Company: Helps Identify Road Blocks and Gaps in Your Business.

benefit 2

As an Individual: Helps You Grow as a Person. As a Company: Helps Your Company Grow.

benefit 3

As an individual and as a Company: Keeps You Accountable and Motivated and Creates an Action and/or Strategic Plan to Help You Work to Your Goals and

benefit 4

As an Individual: Helps You Move the Needle Closer Toward Your Dreams and Celebrate Your Small Wins as You Continue to Work Pushing Forward. As a Company: Celebrate Your Small Wins and Improve the Performance of Your Teams and Departments.