Human Resources

Serving as your human resources expert

As HR consultants, we are aware that businesses have different requirements when it comes to Human Resource documentation.

These can include the need for various documents such as HR Employee Handbooks, HR policies, and HR forms. We are here to help you with the documents so you can grow your business.

In my capacity as your HR consultant, we will provide the following services:

By availing of our services, you can be assured of having accurate and professional HR documentation that meets your business needs.

Additionally, we offer the following services:

Employee and labor relations

1: Provide guidance and coaching to supervisors for effective conflict resolution

2: Develop and implement ongoing performance management strategies for employees

Workforce planning and employment

1: Assist with the implementation of your recruitment methods and practices HR development

2: Conduct training sessions for your employees

3: Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and maintain records of participation

If you require any other services not included in the packages we offer, please feel free to contact us to discuss them in detail. The pricing of packages depends on the service being provided. To know more about this, please contact us.