Tradeline Services


A TRADELINE is any account that appears on your credit report.


A SEASONED TRADELINE isan account that has been paid on time for several years.The more seasoned the tradeline the better since payment history is one of the most important factors in a credit score.


A credit report is made up of tradelines and records the behavio on whether accounts are paid or ng paid on time. Therefore, having good seasoned tradelines is essential to having good credit.


An AUTHORIZED USER TRADELINE involves getting added to someone else's seasoned tradeline and all the positive payment history of that tradeline will then appear on the authorized user's credit report.

Leading Through Innovation & Purpose

Coach Carol B is a pioneer in making it possible for consumers to purchase authorized user tradelines

Coach Carol B is also a coaching services company offers all credit services including repairing and rebuilding which works to help our client increase credit scores, and we work to help our clients continue to any improve their credit so they can have the lives that they desire.

Coach Carol B is fighting for the rights of our customers to have the same opportunities as other more privileged Americans who have friends and family to offer them this same strategy. Additionally, we provide free education and tools to learn about credit and finances in order to empower people make the best choices possible. Be sure to enroll in our courses or webinars because knowledge really is power!

Providing Equal Opportunity

Traditionally, many parents have been advised to add their kids to their credit cards as authorized users to give them a head start in life. Sadly, not everyone has a parent with good credit to do that. Additionally, a large scale study of 300,000 credit profiles concluded that approximately one-third of our entire nation has one or more authorized user tradelines in their credit file.

This same study pointed out that minorities and the lower demographic sectors were less likely to have these types of tradelines, which is further evidence of the inequality that exists in our financial system.

Coach Carol B helps reduce this inequality by providing an equal opportunity for those who were not fortunate enough to have a friend or family member provide such a favor.